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Using Hootsuite, here are the most popular tweets from @m_eye during October:

1. Reasons people click on banner ads [pie chart] http://ow.ly/tJvX

2. http://ow.ly/sTNJ – 5 year old boys kills 800 pound ‘gator in Houston. Reminded me of this Onion feature – http://ow.ly/sU1X

3. The latest Samsung mobile phone viral. Not up to their usual standards as far as I’m concerned. Thoughts? http://ow.ly/y5df

4. Most Twitter users have less than 10 followers – http://ow.ly/u1Ql

5. 10 amazing facts about dreams – http://ow.ly/u1N9

6. A short talk from Planningness about embracing, rewarding, and learning from failure http://ow.ly/wscW

7. Estee Lauder is offering women free makeovers and photos to use as their profile pictures on social networks http://ow.ly/tKT

8. Good overview of some of the discussions that took place at the #IPASocial event last night from @nicspic2608 http://ow.ly/tf3K

9. Funny list suggesting how the world of tomorrow would look if the internet disappeared today http://ow.ly/vMrM

10. What brands can learn from online dating – http://ow.ly/tF6m

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