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Isn’t it annoying when you see an original idea, but it is so simple that you wonder how you hadn’t though of it? Here’s another.

Converse used terms that were generally unclaimed in Google Adwords to drive people to content that would be relevant to the type of people that search for them. The video case study explains it rather well. Watch, and start wondering how you haven’t thought of it already…

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There are lots of resources for anyone who is looking to become a social media ninja/guru/idiot. However, not many have come at it with as much consideration for how we interact socially offline as the presentation I have embedded below.

I encourage you to spend the time reviewing the full deck. It may be long but it is full of perspective regarding how we interact online and the relationships that people are expected to build compared to how we develop these relationships offline.

I often hear people say that we are social creatures, this spells out how we need to incorporate our social past into our increasingly digital social future.

And be sure to read the notes.

Credit for the presentation to @padday

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As approaching a business problem has changed over the last 20 years with the development of digital opportunities, Gareth Kay (@garethk) recently tackled a matter that, as a young planner, I have questioned myself:

Why has the creative brief not evolved while the channels, methods, and timescales within which a brand has the opportunity to be active have all shifted significantly?

As clients and agencies alike continue to embrace the idea of experiential marketing as opposed to the traditional advertising campaign, it is important to ensure that an agency isn’t restricting its planners or creatives via processes and documentation that are outdated.

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Marks and Spencer have gone about establishing their green message with what are essentially mobile billboards. Eye catching through simple design and messaging. Plus it clearly means they fit more into a lorry now it has a hunchback.

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Social media infographics are inescapable, but here are the best ones I’ve come across over the last few months:

Sources: 1st, 2nd

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As brands look to go to obscene lengths in order to differentiate themselves, sometimes the simplest measures are the most effective in defining what a brand is all about.

Puma have done just that with their redesigning of the shoe box, a simple item that people have come to take for granted as being just that, a box. Fuseproject spent 21 months (maybe slightly excessive!) in order to get to this solution that is far greener and more attractive alternative to the traditional glossy cardboard you expect to find new trainers housed within.

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1. Another collection of social media infographics – now including Google Buzz http://ow.ly/1nI5n

2. The 50 most creative people of the last year according to AdAge and Creativity http://ow.ly/1hdQA

3. Big resource of the best online planning tools by @ewarwoowar http://ow.ly/18CUo

4. History of marketing (infographic) http://ow.ly/1sIIF

5. Saatchi & Saatchi find TBWA promoting on their scaffolding http://ow.ly/1rs7O

6. How much 6Music and the Asian Network actually cost the BBC in comparison to all its other activity. Nice data viz http://ow.ly/1dcmc

7. 25 creative professionals give their advice for overcoming creative blocks http://ow.ly/1ceAi

8. Are Facebook planning to take Facebook page functionality outside of Facebook.com? http://ow.ly/1gNQK

9. Rather cool (but illegal??) way to use money to spread your message (Vodafone case study) http://ow.ly/1oE2L

10. If condoms had sponsors http://ow.ly/1f4O2

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