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Here is the latest ad for Heineken in Ireland, created by McCann Erickson Dublin:

It’s got a mass appeal, I mean, who hasn’t had the rush of  that “oh crap” moment where they’ve nearly dropped a bottle at a friends party, only to give no consideration to the bottle itself; plus it’s funny! The ad can be seen as a progression of the Heineken experience in Amsterdam where visitors are able to see life through the…”eyes” of a bottle of Heineken:

The Irish Heineken ad follows hot on the heels of the “Walk In Fridge” which has become a very popular viral & already produced a number of spoofs. Again it’s got good comedy value and basically hits on the head what WKD have been trying so hard to do for the last 5 years:

I eagerly await whatever Heineken have to offer next!

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With news today that Absolute radio has lost 461,000 listeners since it was re-branded from Virgin radio, the growing trend of new brands failing even with established infrastructure continues.

Absolute follow their fellow Virgin-re-branders Zavvi into a situation where the change in brand has seen problems arise. At least Absolute had a go at establishing the brand, even if it was via questionable approaches that seem to have distanced more listeners with its pretentious attitude despite the fact it’s a mainstream commercial station:

Maybe it would have been better to have done it Zavvi’s way, never really advertising the change until your biggest bit of publicity is that you’ve gone into administration.

It will be interesting to see how Aviva (Norwich Union) do in the forthcoming months and if they manage to buck the  trend, they’ve at least started their transition in a much better fashion with ad’s that make their message clear:

Could it be that establishing a new brand, even with the infrastructure already in place, is doomed during a recession?

Mars managed to buck the trend during the 1990 recession, when it re-branded it’s Marathon bars in the UK & Ireland to come in line with it’s international brand, Snickers. The change in name saw the bar move from Britains 9th most popular to it’s 3rd. However, the change in name was preceded by 18 months of both brand names being on the bars wrapper, giving consumers time to adjust to the change, as well as a well implemented ad campaign  that again was broadcast over a year before the full transition to the Snickers name occurred.

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Losing friends, gaining weight…is that not your new years resolution!? Well Burger Kind US are trying to make people embrace this philosophy by adopting a campaign linked into Facebook. The initiative requires the user to download  a Facebook application called the Whopper Sacrifice which will allocate them a voucher for a free Whopper once they have chosen 10 friends to delete from their profile. However, to have the viral effect, instead of the friends just being deleted without giving them warning, the application posts on their wall informing them they have been deleted in exchange for a free Whopper.

A clever idea which is likely to develop into the new chain letter of digital marketing in the web 2.0 age!

Source: Brand Republic

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Brand Repubic are reporting that a government funded study has shown that advertising and binge drinking aren’t as interconnected as initially believed, with the evidence indicating that “there is some uncertainty over the mechanisms linking advertising to consumption… it is unclear whether advertising restrictions can be expected to have an immediate effect on consumption”.

This comes after Southern Comforts recent ad was banned for indicating the drink was essential for a perfect night out and social success. It does encourage drinking responsibly in text as large as its tag line, but apparently the 4 complaints it received were enough to get it withdrawn. See the ad here.

Which bring me how disgusting the new ad is! Another shocking ad to really drive it’s message home, though you could be excused for believing it to be a message about excessive drinking, it is actually aiming to encourage young teens to use a condom if having sex during this holiday season.

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This was one of the most original music videos ever, a simple premise which has been incredibly well put together. This led to it having nearly 42 million views on YouTube, not bad for what was a fairly unheard of indie rock band from the US (though I must say I am a fan).

This on the other hand is a TV ad for Berocca, a multivitamin and mineral supplement, that I recently came across. Its all well and good being inspired by others, but maybe not the wisest choice in essentially trying to copy (unsuccessfully!) the 29th most viewed video of all time on YouTube.

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So the Tango date has come and gone, and left us with their new catch phrase “Can, Fist!”. Apparently the drink is having one last bash at trying to re-establish itself within its market with a “Save Tango” campaign, should you want to delve deeper the website link is here:


The site has a collection of past TV ad’s, including the vintage “slap” ad, as well as a flash game, petition to sign (though it’s not like the government is turning against it!) and some funny wallpapers & posters including the slogan “Rainforest’s grow back, save Tango”…made me laugh at least.

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