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The launch of the long-awaited Facebook location tool has finally arrived…for the US. So while the rest of us watch on in envy as our Facebook iPhone interface changes without really offering anything new for us to use, those across the pond are getting the first taste of what could be the first genuine step toward mainstream geolocation social networking.

With this roll out coming weeks after my MZ blog post about Foursquare as a marketing tool, it will be interesting to see the take up this element of Facebook manages to achieve over the coming months.

Facebook recently announced it has 150M mobile users (out of the 500M total user base), indicating the potential for mass adoption is there. I still wonder if the rewards will be able to match the requirement for activity each time you go somewhere new. Maybe we will see more offers like the 25% off GAP promotion occurring on a more frequent basis, but I hope for a more intelligent use of this technology as the number of users increases, combining it in clever ways with ambient activity.

McDonald’s, you’re up first!

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