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Getting rid of advertising…it’s the new black.

Today @brainpicker posted about 500 New York taxis replacing their normal roof light advertising with art for the month of January. Apparently it’s a quiet month for taxi advertising after the furor that is December, however, it’s still setting Show Media back a reported $100,000 in lost revenue. The lucky artists getting their work displayed aroud the city will be Shirin Neshat, Alex Katz and Yoko Ono.

But that amount of media income lost; why? Because Show Media have made it into the New York Times, waves on Twitter, and they can expect to get significantly more attention for whatever replaces the art in that media space on February 1st 2010. Filling that media space will also cost considerably less for the next few years as Show Media’s name gets banded about for going all indie in the capitalist capital. Basically, people will bloody love it, and when people love it, they talk about it.

Going against the grain gets you that exposure, the greatest tool a marketer has is the unexpected.

Another example of anti-advertising advertising involves Hyundai, who bought all the ad space (at a cost of $2.2 million) in a newly opened subway station next to its plant in South Korea. This saved their employees from excessive ads as they replaced it with white space and the occasional small car image. PSFK covered this a few months ago.

I really like the approach. If your ad gets to replace this anti-ad, you can really play on it., make the most of there having been nothing there before and integrate this approach into your own campaign It’s a thin line to walk, but if you get it right the cut through could be incredible; and we all love a good challenge!

So, to conclude, anti-advertising gets the anti-advertiser a load of PR, but also allows the follow-up piece of advertising that fills the space to get greater cut through, especially if handled in the right manner.

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As a Bristol resident who currently works within 30 seconds walk of the Bristol Museum, it’s been hard not to notice the queue that forms every day for the Banksy vs Bristol Museum exhibition. If you’re not from Bristol it’s probably a good idea to give you a few images to gain an insight into the ‘British’ mentality going to an extreme. We’re not just good at queueing, we’re the best and here’s the proof:

So, you get the idea that the queue’s long. Very long. Normally 2 and a half hours long. So long that they have to now close a street to house the queue. That’s long.

But this made me think…if there’s a queue lasting 2 and a half hours outside the museum, do you really need this poster outside to advertise?

What would have happened had there been no poster, no announcement of the event…wouldn’t that be more fitting with Banksy’s ethos? Maybe not, especially judging by how quickly his recent work in Mali became common knowledge!

So, the queuing is rubbish, true. However, should you be unsure if it’s worth the wait, as one of the many who have had the pleasure of getting inside Bristol museum since the exhibit opened, I can confirm it’s time well spent. But wouldn’t it have been a great social experiment to have not told anyone!?

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Billboard at the top of Harrow Road, Harlesden 24/12/08

The Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) has refused an ASA ruling to remove their “Want Longer Lasting Sex?” poster campaign from the streets of London after over 400 complaints were made about the 196 posters. The campaign is currently under a review with no ruling having yet been made as to whether the campaign is inappropriate, hence the AMI’s stance on the issue. However as the product, a nasal spray claiming to reduce premature ejaculation, is a prescription drug, it is illegal to be advertised in the manner it has been. The ASA has said it will go about taking down the posters themselves if the AMI continue to hold their stance.

Source: Yahoo UK

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The British Humanist Association (BHA) have today launched their £140,000 campaign questioning the existence of God. The slogan “There’s probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” will be emblazoned upon the side of 600 buses in England, Wales & Scotland, 200 of the infamous “bendy” buses in central London and within the London Underground. The £140,000 was raised primarily through fund raising as the BHA exceeded their initial estimated total within 24 hours of launching the campaign. The campaign is backed by atheists such as Richard Dawkins (writer of “The God Delusion”) and comedy writer Ariane Sherine, who initiated the campaign via The Guardian’s “Comment Is Free” website.

I’m not a fan of being preached to about religious issues, but feel that this isn’t really the most appropriate way of going about showing opposition to those sort of campaigns; at least they used the word “probably”, otherwise all hell would have broken loose. Watch out for the Christian comeback.

Picture: John Worth

Source:  The Guardian

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We all enjoy viewing those ad’s which have been banned by the ASA and similar authorities worldwide. They essentially kept Chris Tarrent in work prior to Who Wants to be a Millionaire keeping him busy. I recently came across this Nike ad, which I thought was too good not to share.

This also led me to this YouTube video, possibly in need of re-reviewing given the UK’s increasing rate of teen pregnancies, it certainly makes its point.

Controversial ad’s aren’t just for TV land though, some poster ad’s are often a case of the “here today, gone tomorrow” Radio 2 culture. Here’s an example from the EA game Burnout Dominator, which was displayed around Londons underground (for a “blink-and-you’ll-miss-it” period, unsurprisingly!).

Promoting a product can also be banned in non-physical forms, as Acclaim found out when trying to increase awareness of a previous incarnation of the Burnout franchise. It offered to pay for any speeding fines acquired on the day of the games release…it didn’t go down well, and the UK government got involved claiming it encouraged reckless driving, resulting in Acclaim pulling the promotion.


These ideas may be shocking, but I bet they have all been a topic for the watercooler at one point or another!

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